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Dr. Nelson and his team are professional and are welcoming to make you feel comfortable and like family. The amount of confidence that was instilled within me after my breast augmentation was substantial. I absolutely love the job Dr. Nelson did! The pre-opt, intra-opt, and post-opt care from the team is truly extraordinary. I truly recommend Nelson Aesthetics and Cosmetics for any cosmetic needs you may need!

-K. Robbins

Dr. Nelson and his staff are absolutely amazing. From my first appointment I felt at ease. It’s very obvious how much they truly care about your happiness and achieving the result YOU want. Any questions or concerns I had were answered immediately and they took the time to listen. They care sincerely about their patients before, during, and after their procedures. I am two weeks post-op from my surgery and the results have already changed my life. I am thrilled with my breast augmentation. I couldn’t thank Dr. Nelson, Tori, and the staff enough for everything they have done. I would highly recommend Nelson Aesthetics & Cosmetics!

-A. Scruggs

My family was foremost in my mind to provide and take care of. That being said, I put myself on the back burner thinking that after my children were grown, then I would take care of myself. Twenty years passes and I find myself at my highest weight ever, 250 pounds. I increased my exercising, joined gyms, tried multiple diets/programs, and paid out money for medications to no avail. After 2 years and no weight loss, I made the decision to have bariatric surgery (gastric sleeve). That was two years and 100 pounds ago! As excited as I was about the new me, I was disheartened about to look in the mirror every and see all the baggy skin that remained behind. No amount of exercising, weight training, sit-up’s, or planks was changing the “flab”. Many people suggested Abdominoplasty, but as a nurse, I knew that would not only be expensive, but very painful. I drove to Nashville for quick in and out consultations which left me with the feeling that maybe it wasn’t worth having the surgery. A friend recommended Dr. Nelson. So, I made an appointment while thinking that maybe this wasn’t for me. Dr. Nelson spent quality time with me for the consult, explaining the procedure and all it would entail, and answering my questions or concerns that I had. He never made me feel that I was keeping him from something. He gave me hope that I could once again have a body, not like my teenage years, but close. My surgery was a huge undertaking for Dr. Nelson, because as I mentioned before, I had a lot of skin to remove. He remained in constant contact with me the following day and even weeks following my surgery, but the most amazing part, I had absolutely no pain following surgery and my scar is minimal!!! He and his staff are amazing. I never would have thought that a surgery could help me regain my self confidence. I highly recommend Dr. Nelson!

-Kim B.

When I agreed to ride to a consult with my friend I never knew that would be the day that would change my life. I had made some drastic changes in my life,which resulted in a loss of 70+ pounds, but left an excessive amount of loose skin.

As my friend discussed her surgery she told Dr Nelson that I needed a procedure as well. I had been to Nashville for the consults and heard the huge price tag that went with my surgery. As I talked with Dr. Nelson I felt very comfortable and I trusted him, he felt like family immediately. And the cost was extremely affordable.

On the morning of surgery I remember telling Dr. Nelson I just want a new starting point in my life. I told him I’m over 40 years old I will never be a supermodel, I just want to be able to walk and exercise without skin hanging out from underneath my clothes.

My surgery was a huge undertaking for Dr. Nelson,I had a lot of skin to remove. Boy did I grossly underestimate his work. What I got was more than just a new starting point, it was amazing. Who would have thought that a surgery could help me regain my self confidence that Had been lost for years.

I have always heard that this surgery was the most painful surgery there was, and being a surgical nurse I have seen a lot of surgery patients. By post op day two I was going upstairs, by day four I was sleeping in my bed flat, and even drove halfway across the state to visit my dear friend. I had absolutely no pain after postop day number one. This shocked everyone, including myself & Dr. Nelson.

I Would definitely do it again, and I have recommended Dr. Nelson to all of my friends. He and his staff are amazing, they truly were a blessing to me. I thank God That my friend asked me to tagalong with her that day,because of her and that visit I now have a new life in a new body that I love. I never thought I would say those words, I love my body, and that is all thanks to Dr. Nelson and his staff of amazing nurses.

-Teresa S.

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